Paddington’s Marmalade

The image of the bear represented the client, Paddington. The Bear provided a challenge of placement on the page. This project included elements of a nav bar, a store, and an order form. I got to express the part of me that enjoys patterns and colors, making the color to create mood, in this case, comfort and warmth of the host, Paddington, to motivate the consumer to purchase his family’s marmalade products.


Finding the images on free stock online photos was a lot of fun. However, the challenge was finding the ones that didn’t have ghost writing over the picture in the background, or that wouldn’t conflict with the form, see below.


SOO N Foods

Adding suggestions for this pre-existing site was a creative and innovative experience, especially learning how to make a slide show, a wireframe in Sketch, choosing a color palette, #4d4dff, in a style-tile (see directly above)  on Pixelmator, and also do client research. This redesign of a real website was for creating a client proposal of possible suggestions for improvements to its bland appearance.


My first page design was mainly about making a table with best ways to optimize images.


Team collaboration was the big experience of this project and learning WordPress. My role was Quality Assurance, SEO and Content Management, starting with the Site Map, see above. I like to write, so creating content was fun. Testing Mobile responsiveness and checking typography was also an engaging task. It felt like being in a real tech company environment when we did our morning “stand ups” for our “scrum master!”